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Sofia Jirau

Sofía Jirau is a model, entrepreneur and philanthropist with Down syndrome who shows the world that “inside and out there are no limits”.

Breaking Barriers


My debut as a professional model occurred on March 26, 2019, precisely on my 23rd birthday. Since then, I have modeled on national and international runways.

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In 2019, I became an entrepreneur by launching my online store, Alavett, based on my favorite phrase "I love it", where I offer clothing, accessories, and products for the home.

Alavett, my life motto.

Victoria's Secret's
first model with Down syndrome

On February 14, 2022, I showed the world that there are no limits by becoming Victoria's Secret's first model with Down syndrome.

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I got a job

In 2018, I joined the team of the social innovation company, INprende, where since then I have been an Ambassador of Experiences. Because people with Down syndrome can also work!


In 2022, I created Sofía Jirau, The Podcast, a space without limits, where I share my experiences, dreams, lifestyle and much more.


Motivational speaker

As a speaker, I love to inspire people through my story to dream big and live without limits.

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Fit and healthy

Keeping fit and taking care of my health is very important to me. I am very disciplined when it comes to eating healthy and going to the gym. I also look for the whole world to be inspired. That's why in 2022 I launched #ElChallengeDeSofía.

No Limits Campaign

In October 2021, I launched the No Limits campaign, which seeks to make visible the challenges facing the Down syndrome community, demonstrate our ability to achieve our goals, and raise awareness about the condition throughout the world.

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