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The whole story

On February 10, 2020, I made my debut at New York Fashion Week, for which I am proud as one of the few models with Down syndrome who has managed to participate in the important fashion event. 


My debut was covered by dozens of media around the world, including Vogue Mexico Revelist, People, Univision, among others.


Modeling in the United States was the beginning of conquering the dream I have had since an early age: to model on the most important runways in the world.

After beginning my dream in New York, I am currently focused on conquering the runways in Europe in 2022.


In addition, I became an entrepreneur in 2019 by launching an online store, named "Alavett", based on my favorite phrase "I love it", where I offer clothing, accessories, and home products.


For me, the most important thing about fulfilling my dreams is to show people around the world that there are no limits and to inspire them to pursue their own dreams. This is why I always say "Inside and out there are no limits" to motivate people to break through their self-imposed limitations.


Currently, I work as an Experience Ambassador in the Puerto Rican company INprende, which has served as my supporter to fulfill my dreams.

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